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Sensing for Smart Anything Everywhere: Materials, Technologies, Applications

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Following the interest and the success of 2023 edition of MiNaB-ICT (Micro-Nano-Bio-ICT convergence), in 2025 a Joint event with The International Society on Olfaction and Chemical Sensing (ISOCS) and the European Commission will be organised, focussing the attention on Sensing for the emerging world of “Smart Anything Everywhere”. In this context, Sensors and Smart Systems devices that provide particular intelligent functionality by combining micro/nanoelectronic components with physical, chemical, and biological sensors and actuators on fully integrated systems, will catalyse increasing technology development for a broad range of powerful applications addressing societal challenges. These rapid technological developments have contributed to the growth in many areas of the research (health, food, environment, etc.) where they can bring significant impact. Moreover, the inclusion of sensors on smart systems that combine many functionalities with the ubiquitously sharing of information through networks is also receiving particular attention. However, in order to take full advantage of current technologies, greater effort is needed to improve the link between Sensors & Smart Systems in a new concepts of Information Communication Technology. The full integration with ICT data processing to be combined with sensing, reasoning, actuating and communication and will allow analysis of complex situations, to take autonomous decisions, to interact with the environment and with other “intelligent” systems.


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