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MiNaB-ICT International Workshop on "Micro-Nano-Bio-ICT Convergence" Current Research and Future Trends

Worldwide, scientific and technological research to develop, manufacture and sell systems that employ nano- and micro-structures is at the forefront of economic competition. In this context, Micro-Nano-BioSystems (MNBS) devices that provide peculiar intelligent functionality by combining microelectronic components with physical, chemical, and biological sensors and actuators on fully integrated systems, envisage an increasing technology development on a broad range of powerful applications addressing societal challenges.
These fast technology developments have contributed to the growth in many areas of the research (health, food, environment, ….) where they can bring significant impact.  
Moreover, the inclusion of MNBS on systems that combine biological functionality with the ubiquitously sharing of information through networks is also receiving particular attention. 
Nevertheless,  in order to take full advantage of the current technologies,  more efforts have to be addressed to improve the link between MNBS and ICT. The fully integration of MNBS and ICT will allow to combine data processing with sensing, reasoning, actuating and communication and will allow  to analyse complex situations, to take autonomous decisions, to interact with the environment and with other “intelligent” systems. 

The objective of the workshop is twofold: a) to share the progress in the field and b) to identify the technological orientation and future challenges offered by the connection between MNB and ICT technologies. The involvement of representatives of key research disciplines will offer a podium to enable community building and networking, the sharing of progress in both technology and application development, and the identification of common interests. 

The distance to market, the translation of a technology success into a market success, and how it is reflected on the Horizon 2020 programs will be discussed in a specific session of the workshop.